C♯ Singers

As our competitive a cappella group, C♯ Singers encourages members to grow as musicians and performers through rigorous rehearsals and electrifying performances, while still having a great deal of fun. Auditions occur at the beginning of the fall semester and are open to all students at CMU.

D♭ Singers

D♭ Singers is CMU’s all-university choir. Through regular rehearsals and a diverse range of choral repertoire, D♭ Singers educates singers in vocal technique and fosters musical development as individuals and as an ensemble. Auditions occur at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and are open to all students at CMU.

C++ Singers

C++ Singers are smaller-commitment ensembles open to all CMU students. Each group has four to five rehearsals followed by a performance. These are a great way to meet other singers, learn about singing, and perform some stellar arrangements. Subscribe to the concert groups mailing list for more information about how to participate.

We hope you will join us; we want to sing with you.

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@cmucsharp the tourtured c# department (its almost finals week and we’re all depressed) but come to our concert this friday (4/26)! 7PM in skibo cafe (ABP in the UC) #acappella #choir #cmucsharp #carnegiemellonuniversity #cmu #fyp #pitchperfect #ttpd ♬ original sound - Jake Deyton


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